When ice cream is good for your heart, why not ice cream machine?

When ice cream is good for your heart, why not ice cream machine?

The cold cream machine in the pond in this remote Indian village in southern India.

But for all the success the machine has enjoyed in recent years, the dairy industry is still struggling.

This year, it is struggling to cope with the influx of people from India and Nepal, who travel to the area to purchase ice cream.

In January, the National Dairy Marketing Board (NDMBB) launched a programme to help local farmers and small-scale producers in the area.

The NDMBB is part of the Government of India and has set up the Dairy Marketing and Marketing Programme (DMP) which provides free cold cream for all local farmers.

The farmers are able to purchase their ice cream through the NDMGB.

The farmers are also given a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh to purchase the ice cream from the NDMs.

The NDMAB has also given out grants of Rs 1 crore to the farmers in the first month of this fiscal.

But the NDMB is still short of the loan required for the purchase of ice cream, and the NDB has not yet secured a loan from the state government to buy the ice creams.

The ice cream that the farmers buy from the factory is delivered to the NDMSB, but only in small batches, which the farmers cannot afford to buy as they cannot afford the equipment.

“This is the first time that ice cream has been produced here in the last 10 years.

And this is why it is a challenge to us.

It is our job to supply the farmers ice cream,” said Bhuvneshwar Manu, the owner of Bhuvaralas, a dairy and ice cream factory.

The cold cream machines in the NDMCBs are expensive, but the ice-cream machine is free.

The machine has a price tag of Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000.

The ice cream used in the ice machine is cheaper, but it is not as good as ice cream manufactured by other farmers.

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