Snow, Ice Cream and Friendlys are here for Valentine’s Day

Snow, Ice Cream and Friendlys are here for Valentine’s Day

By Kaitlin McPhersonIn a world where chocolate is everywhere, Valentine’s day treats can be downright delicious.

A new Valentine’s cake, for example, features chocolate frosting on a sweet potato and chocolate covered almonds, both of which are gluten-free and gluten- and dairy-free.

The new chocolate-covered ice cream ice cream treats have to be the best in the world, said owner and baker Sarah Fuchs.

They’re sweet, creamy and full of flavor.

And they’re all vegan.

The ice cream is made with only natural ingredients, and they come in chocolate, vanilla and ice cream flavors.

“It’s definitely an accomplishment for us, but it’s not all that surprising,” said Fuchs, who started her ice cream business with her parents when they were in their early 20s.

She said it was important for her to offer the ice cream at a time when gluten- or dairy-sensitivity is growing and people are more open to vegan food.

“There are still a lot of barriers in terms of getting to the table and being accepted as a vegan,” she said.

“We are at a tipping point where it’s OK to eat gluten-Free and dairy free, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.”

“For me personally, it’s kind of a weird time,” Fuchs said.

I think it’s time to embrace veganism as an identity and not as something that only some people have, said Fuch, who is vegan and a vegetarian.

“I’m a part of the group of people who eat vegan food,” she added.

“If you’re in the minority, it can feel like you’re excluded.

But I think there’s a lot more room for people to feel comfortable with veganism.”

Fuchs said that her ice creams are an important part of helping people connect with other vegan people.

People can be like, ‘Whoa, that’s a vegan ice cream,’ and then they go, ‘Oh, that means that this is my new favorite ice cream.

I just got a new ice cream from my favorite vegan ice creamer.’

“For a taste of what is to come, check out these five vegan ice-cream flavors.

Coffee Cream is a combination of vanilla, coffee and espresso.

The beans used are organic and gluten free.

Pumpkin Cake is a mix of chocolate and cinnamon with a layer of pumpkin cream frosting.

Banana Nut is a blend of chocolate, banana, coconut and coconut milk.

Chocolate Chip Cookie is a vegan and gluten conscious cookie.

The cookies are vegan and contain cocoa butter.

Viva Coco is a creamy vegan chocolate cake.

The cake is topped with chocolate icing.

Gluten Free Cake is chocolate covered cookies and chocolate chip cookie mix topped with coconut cream and topped with vanilla ice- cream.

Ice Cream is creamy vanilla ice creampuff, topped with cocoa butter and topped off with chocolate.

It just feels good.””

You know, it just feels right.

It just feels good.”

I think people are starting to see gluten-in-egg, gluten-out, gluten intolerant food, she said, adding that she is excited for people with all different types of allergies to have an option.

“It’s exciting for me to see a company come forward and make vegan ice cakes,” Storros said.

Storrs said the vegan ice cake has become one of her favorite desserts and is the perfect introduction to gluten-filled desserts.

While the ice creamas are a good introduction to vegan ice, they aren’t the only ice-related treats on offer at Storris’s bakery.

Her bakery also makes gluten-containing cookies and cakes.

All of these desserts are vegan, but the chocolate-coconut ice cream cake is gluten- free.

This cake has coconut cream icing on top.

This ice cream dessert has chocolate ice cream filling on top and is made from only vegan ingredients.

There are a number of vegan ice desserts available at St orrs bakery, but she said she’s particularly excited about the chocolate ice-covered cookie, which has chocolate frostings on top of chocolate ice creamed coconut.

Storros has made her own ice cream and said she has no regrets.

When she made this cake, she thought, ‘I’m just going to go with the cake, but if people want to order other flavors of ice cream I can give them a little choice,’ she said of the cookie.

And for a gluten-sensitive person, it is important to realize that it’s okay to order gluten-infused ice cream desserts if they are gluten free

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