How to make ice cream with an extra twist – Amy’s ice creams

How to make ice cream with an extra twist – Amy’s ice creams

Amy’s is offering a few new flavours to its customers in a bid to try and help boost sales.

The popular supermarket has announced a range of ice cream options to help boost its sales.

Amy’s ice-cream is now available in a new range of flavours, and is also offering a free chocolate chip cookie for those who visit the shop in the middle of the day.

Amy’s has been using an ice cream technique called ‘spooned’ to make its ice cream since the 1950s, which involves using a mix of ice cubes, milk and condensed milk, but the new flavours are a fresh twist.

All Amy’s products are hand-crafted, and it is a good thing they are, says Amy’s general manager for product innovation, Anna-Kate Taylor.

“It gives the customer more choice and they’re being encouraged to choose a flavour they like, so it’s really encouraging to see that,” she says.

As well as the new ice cream flavours, Amy’s has also rolled out a few chocolate chip cookies, which can be bought for a free.

Amy can’t be sure what other flavours will be available in the future, but it is clear Amy’s customers will have to try out the new ones before making a purchase.

“I think the whole menu is really expanding, so we’re really excited to have them in store, and I think we’ll see them at every level of our stores,” Ms Taylor says.

“They’re really good.

We’ve got to try them out.”

Amy’s said it is still trying to figure out exactly how it will make its milk and milk alternatives, but its aim is to make a range in all the flavours and sizes.

Amy says it is working hard to get ice cream into stores as quickly as possible and the ice cream flavours are part of a broader effort to bring the ice-skating season to a close.

“We’re going to keep working to get it there as quickly and as quickly we can,” Ms Amy says.

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