How to Get a Tattoo with a Dollar Costumes

How to Get a Tattoo with a Dollar Costumes

I have an idea of how to make a $5.00 tattoo for you, and I want you to wear it as a $25 dollar costume. 

It’s a good idea to make it as cheap as possible for the costume, because I will pay for it when I sell it on eBay or Craigslist.

You might want to do this on your own, because you will need to sell the costume on Amazon and eBay, too. 

For this costume, I decided to do a simple, inexpensive costume that you could make for less than $5,000.

I have tried making a few other expensive costumes before, but this one seemed like the easiest to get started with. 

You can make a costume using any number of things, like an old car, a house, or even a truck.

I found that a truck had enough parts to make an entire costume for under $5000.

The only thing that you really need is a drill and a drill bit, so you can drill holes into any piece of metal you want. 

I started out with a large, open-top, 2.75-gallon bucket, and filled it with dirt and sand, then put some plastic tubing around it and put some sand paper over it. 

When I got to the bucket, I poured a little bit of dirt into the bottom, then poured some sand into the top. 

Once all of the dirt was in place, I drilled two holes into the bucket.

Then I filled in the hole in the bucket and covered it with a layer of plastic tubing. 

 I then took the tubing and attached it to the plastic bucket, leaving a little gap so that I could insert my drill bit and put it in the small hole that was just a little less than an inch from the end of the bucket’s mouth. 

The next step was to drill two more holes into this plastic bucket. 

Then I took a small, 3-inch hole, then made another hole in one of the holes. 

Now that I had holes in the plastic buckets, I took the plastic tubing and made another little hole in it.

This was just about the size of a pencil eraser, so it didn’t cause too much damage to the PVC pipes. 

Next, I put the PVC pipe over the hole, so that it would stick up. 

Finally, I filled the bucket with dirt, then started to put plastic tubing in it, and then put it back on the bucket just as I did with the PVC bucket.

Now, you can see that it’s filled with dirt. 

At this point, I started to drill holes in each of the plastic tubes. 

And then I put a piece of plastic around each of these holes to make sure that the PVC tubing would stay in place. 

That’s it! 

You now have a cheap, $5 costume that is going to make you look good, especially when you’re on a date with your friends.

You can buy it on Amazon, or you can make one yourself from a few scrap materials you have laying around. 

Be sure to share this tutorial if you make one, or if you want to help other people out.

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